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Ventilation System Cleaning

Ventilation System Cleaning

Ventilation ductwork and equipment overtime will eventually become dirty; this means that the air that you're breathing will be contaminated with all manner of dirt and bacteria. This could lead to poor health, loss of productivity and increased absence within the workplace. Ventil8 Solutions offer the complete solution to your ventilation hygiene problems. We offer the following services:

  • Clean all or part of a ventilation system, using our experienced ventilation system operatives.
  • Install access doors, where necessary to carry out a full and proper clean.
  • Sanitise/Disinfect ventilation system after the ductwork has been cleaned.
  • Clean the ventilation system to the HVCA TR/19 standards.
  • Carry out a before and after test on the ventilation system to confirm ventilation cleanliness (Will receive a report from an independent laboratory confirming or not confirming ductwork cleanliness).
  • When the system cleaning is complete, you will receive a signed system cleanliness certificate from Ventil8 Solutions cleaning Specialist. (This can help to reduce insurance premiums as your system will be certified by the industry standard and you will have complied with government regulations to maintain your ventilation systems).
Fire Damper Testing Inspection

Fire Damper Testing & Inspection

Fire dampers play a crucial role in a buildings fire safety system. The difference between a well maintained, working fire damper and an ill maintained partially working fire damper can be the difference between life and death in the case of a fire. With the enactment of the fire safety regulatory reform order, it is now the employer's responsibility to maintain their fire safety systems. Ventil8 Solutions experienced engineers will:

  • Locate each and every fire damper if no plan is available, and make a note of their position.
  • Complete a full fire damper maintenance check.
  • Repairs made if required or if the fire damper is beyond repair a replacement can be fitted.
  • Each fire damper will be labelled after inspection, stating; date of inspection, time, inspected by and date of next inspection.
  • Each fire damper will be installed/maintained in accordance with DW/145 2010 Edition, which is the HVCA industry standard for the installation and maintenance for fire and smoke dampers.
  • A certificate will be issued at the end of the inspection confirming your Fire Dampers have been maintained, along with a full report on all your fire dampers.
Free Ventilation System Inspection

Free Ventilation System Inspection

Ventil8 Solutions offer a:

  • Free, No obligation system inspection and report.
  • The report will show the current status of your ventilation system and whether any maintenance work is required.
  • A full detailed report will be collated by Ventil8 Solutions NADCA certified ventilation system expert and handed over to you for your approval.
Kitchen Ventilation Extract and Canopy Cleaning

Kitchen Ventilation Extract and Canopy Cleaning

The heavy usage and the extreme conditions a kitchen extract system comes under, means that the system can become extremely dirty and especially laden with grease. These grease particles will accumulate over time to produce a very real risk of fire. It is important to keep on top of this situation and the HVCA TR/19 industry standard states that the frequency of cleaning required on your kitchen extract, it is as follows:

Usage Usage Per Day Frequency of Cleaning
Heavy 12 - 16 hrs a day 3 Monthly
Moderate 6 - 12 hrs a day 6 Monthly
Light 2 - 6 hrs a day 12 Monthly
Ventilation System Support

Ventilation System Support

Ventil8 Solutions offer a full ventilation support package which includes all of our above services and also;

  • Ventil8 Solutions will install ductwork ventilation systems if and when required.
  • Ventil8 Solutions will make repairs to any malfunctioning pieces of ventilation equipment or replace them if repair is not possible. We offer this service as a one off total package or we can offer a 2, 3, 4, or 5 year maintenance package, giving you the piece of mind that your ventilation systems are being maintained to the highest standards.