About Ventil8 Solutions Ltd

Fotolia_1908587_XS[1] Ventil8 Solutions believe in making a difference. Ventil8 Solutions stands for value for money, quality, innovation, reliability and a sense of willing to go that extra mile for the customer to achieve that which is most important to us, customer satisfaction. We deliver a quality service by empowering our employees and we ask for and welcome customer feedback to help us to continually improve the customer experience through innovations and good old fashioned hard work.

Our aim from the beginning was to improve the quality of the air that we breathe every day, whilst also ensuring that all the systems that help deliver this fresh, clean air to us are maintained and are able to do the tasks they were designed to do i.e. keep us safe, keep us healthy and keep us happy.

Fotolia_7430072_XS[1] We can serve any and all private or public buildings, where people live, work or play. These buildings can range from large office towers in the heart of the city, multi screen cinemas, industrial factories or maybe just your favourite pub or restaurant who want to keep on top of their legal requirements to clean and maintain their ventilation system.

We offer an all inclusive ventilation maintenance service, including repair of damaged or malfunctioning ventilation equipment, cleaning of dirty and contaminated ventilation systems, pressure tests to ensure that your ventilation system is working to full capacity and is not wasting energy (and more importantly your money!), fire damper testing and maintenance to ensure your building is up to speed with all fire regulations and finally a free, no obligation ventilation system inspection and report. (We’ll inspect you ventilation system, give you a detailed report highlighting any items we think require your attention, and if you decide Ventil8 Solutions aren’t for you, though we can’t think why, that’s your decision).

Ventil8 Solutions home is in the North West, but we are available to work all over the UK.