Welcome to Ventil8 Solutions Ltd

Here at Ventil8 Solutions we provide a reliable, quality service. The standard of the air that we breathe cannot be understated and the maintenance and cleaning of the equipment that delivers this air to us is a vital part in the quality of air we breathe and ensures that everyone stays safe, healthy and happy. Ventil8 Solutions provide a bespoke service for all our clients, be it a fire damper maintenance check, a one off kitchen extract clean, installation of a ventilation system or a multiyear ventilation system maintenance contract. We tailor our services to meet your needs.

Ventilation System Cleaning

Ventil8 Solutions will test and clean ventilation systems to ensure that health and fire risks are minimised and also to comply with government legislation.

Fire Damper Testing and Inspection

Ventil8 Solutions will inspect and where necessary maintain Fire dampers, which are key to ensuring the safety of any building occupants in the case of a fire.

No obligation Ventilation System Inspections

Ventil8 Solutions offer a free, no obligation System Inspection and Report, on your premises ventilation system.

Kitchen Ventilation Extract and Canopy Cleaning

Ventil8 Solutions offer an all inclusive service of cleaning extraction ventilation equipment within the kitchen, but also any and all equipment that requires a professional and thorough clean within a kitchen.

Ventilation System Support

Ventil8 Solutions will solve any and all ventilation system faults, either through on-site repair of any damaged or faulty equipment or where necessary removal and replacement with brand new equipment.

Health and Safety

Ventil8 Solutions complies fully with all Health and Safety laws. All our operatives will be experienced within the HVAC industry.